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The Dubai Investments Park Wastewater Treatment plant in the United Arab Emirates faced challenges in their oxidation ditch due to filamentous sludge bulking, resulting in poor sludge settling in the secondary clarifier. Supplemental aeration was needed to eliminate the filamentous sludge bulking. Challenge: The oxidation ditch is treating an average of 2.64 MGD (10,000 m3/day) […]

Is your wastewater facility at maximum treatment capacity? Unable to meet stricter effluent requirements? Looking for a treatment solution that will upgrade your current facility? We have 3 simple ways to increase treatment efficiency without making changes to your basin: Retrofits, Supplemental Aeration and Upgrades.   Aeration Industries’ upgrade, supplemental, and retrofit solutions and services […]

Troy Alabama’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (USA) was faced with broken discs causing dropping dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in their oxidation ditch. Aeration Industries International was called to help improve DO. The plant rented a 40hp Aire-O2 Triton®.  As rotors continued to break,  an additional Triton was rented. After seeing the performance of the rental equipment, six […]