Parts & Routine Maintenance

When you partner with us to treat your wastewater, we understand that you need to keep your equipment up and running with little downtime. Preventative maintenance is  the key to ensuring your equipment will run for years and prevent breakdowns and failures. Upon purchase, we will give you the resources you need to maintain your equipment simply and at the surface; saving you time and money.

Why Buy Replacement Parts?

  • Invest in parts now to increase the longevity of your equipment
  • Ensure you have the right parts to achieve reliable, consistent performance

We offer bundling options to stretch your budget further.

Extended Warranties For Our Valued Customers

If you’re looking for no surprise expenses and carefree wastewater treatment maintenance, the Extended Warranty Program may be a good fit for your installation.

The Extended Warranty Program:

  • Purchase an extended warranty contract and all wearable parts are covered for the life of the contract. Never worry about a surprise parts purchase; giving you predictability in your budget.
  • Equipment is sent to you based on the manufacturer’s recommended schedule to ensure consistent, optimal performance.
  • Worry-free. We will ensure you have the parts you need at the right time

*3-year minimum contract required on new equipment.

Extended Warranty

Is It Time To Replace Your Bearings?

Inspect the shafts for wear. Look for a shiny area above the water lubricated bearing. The shiny portion may indicate the shaft wall is thinning due to wear. As the shaft wall is worn, it becomes weaker until it can actually snap off; leading to the propeller, diffuser, sleeve, and washers sinking to the bottom of your basin.

The simplest way to ensure you have the gear you need to perform preventative maintenance is with replacement parts.



Learn How to Assemble the Aire-O2 Triton®
for NEMA or IEC Installations

Check out the videos below to see the step-by-step assembly process.

Assembling the Aire-O2 Triton®  for NEMA Installations


Assembling the Aire-O2 Triton®  for IEC Installations