Aire-O2® Aspirator Aerator

Trusted to Perform in Harsh Conditions


Uniform oxygen dispersion. Complete basin circulation.

The Aire-O2® Aspirator Aerator produces a horizontal and circular flow pattern, providing whole basin circulation. Improve your wastewater treatment with higher removal rates of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and suspended solids.

The surface aspirator aerator offers a rotating propeller that forces water outward horizontally past the end of the shaft at high velocity. This creates a vacuum drawing air down the shaft into the water. Above the waterline, atmospheric air is drawn through intake ports and travels through the hollow drive shaft to be dispersed in a large plume throughout the water. Being diffused into fine bubbles, about 2.0 mm in diameter, the oxygen has extended contact time with the water. The size of the plume varies with the size of the aspirator aerator which can be from 2 to 100hp. Properly positioned, the Aire-O2 Aspirator Aerator units can create a “flow linkage” that delivers mixing and oxygen dispersion evenly and thoroughly throughout an entire basin regardless of its size or shape. Dead spots are eliminated.

Aire-O2® Antifouling Aspirator

Resilient design trusted to perform in harsh conditions.

With the growing use and challenges caused by supposedly flushable wipes, we have customized our Aire-O2 Aspirator Aerator with a larger stainless steel antifouling propeller and housing for low maintenance operation that excels in heavy debris conditions.

Flexible sizing and mounting options allow for easy installation in a variety of applications and even oxygen dispersion throughout the entire basin, regardless of its size or shape.

Why choose the Aire-O2 Antifouling Aspirator?

  • Trusted performance in challenging, heavy debris conditions
  • Easy to install and portable; ideal for retrofits and upgrades
  • Performance efficiency for winter months
  • No aerosols

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  • Trusted performance in challenging, heavy debris conditions
  • High oxygen transfer
  • Easy to install and portable; ideal for retrofits and upgrades
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple solution for supplemental aeration needs
  • Dependable, extended service life
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Performance efficiency in winter months
  • No aerosols