Municipal Wastewater Treatment
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Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Municipalities of every size are subject to public and governmental scrutiny of their municipal wastewater treatment efficacy. As effluent water quality regulations become increasingly stringent, Aeration Industries partners with municipalities to develop economical, environmentally friendly, and sustainable wastewater treatment solutions; customized for each unique environment.

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We are here to help and offer a full product line to meet your wastewater treatment needs – whether it’s retrofitting or upgrading existing wastewater treatment plants or planning new construction; Aeration Industries provides a unified, holistic approach to municipal wastewater treatment.

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Municipal Wastewater Treatment Solutions

New innovations in mechanical designs allow the Aire-O2 Triton® 2.0 aerators/mixers Aire-O2 Triton® 2.0 (patents pending) to provide better aeration efficiency, mixing capacity, and power consumption savings, as well as more seamless and flexible installation, operation and maintenance.
The industry workhorse since 1974 with over 55,000 units sold, the non-splashing Aire-O2® Aspirator Aerator creates a high velocity stream of oxygen that keeps solids in suspension and in contact with the plume of optimally sized, fine bubbles that are less than 2mm in diameter.
Improving upon the conventional oxidation ditch, the Tri-Oval – our Aire-O2 Triton in an oxidation oval – provides unsurpassed treatment process control and design flexibility while providing cost savings throughout its operational life.
Utilizing a uniquely engineered decanter and advanced Aire-O2 Triton aerators/mixers, this SBR system is ideal for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment facilities looking for a user-friendly, energy efficient solution.
The Aire-O2 Mixer 2.0 ensures simple, nearly maintenance-free operation with above-surface float or fixed mounting options.
Whether you’re planning new construction or retrofitting older systems for repair or upgrade, Aeration Industries has a solution for you. Contact us today. All of our products work efficiently in new construction, or retrofitting older systems for repair or upgrade. Learn more about upgrades and retrofits.