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Offering you peace of mind, so you can focus on production.

Managing industrial wastewater can be stressful and time consuming. We make it easy by:

  • Offering deep aeration and mixing
  • Eliminating odors
  • Offering simple to install, surface mounted equipment
  • Reducing maintenance with our anti-fouling and non-clogging equipment
  • Providing energy-saving turndown capabilities
  • Specializing in retrofits, so you can reuse existing infrastructure
  • Supplemental aeration so you can simply add aeration to meet requirements

Industrial wastewater can contain a multitude of pollutants and can be more difficult to treat than other types of wastewater. While wastewater resulting from various industrial processes have many characteristics that differ from municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater still requires biological wastewater treatment. Aeration Industries International plays a key role in providing industrial biological wastewater treatment across the globe.

Aeration Industries’ wastewater treatment solutions successfully treat industrial wastewater ranging from easily treatable food processing wastewater to highly complex leachate effluents from landfills. Our equipment is built for the harshest conditions and our solutions are built to last.

Aeration Industries International offers a wide range of treatment solutions to fit your needs.
Our modular equipment is designed to operate consistently year-round, with the ability to adjust to fluctuating flows as production changes throughout the year.

Simple Maintenance

With few moving parts, our equipment requires very little maintenance… allowing you to focus on production.

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Industrial markets we serve
We provide market-specific expertise, with customized solutions for each project. With proven performance, our experts can create an affordable and reliable solution for your specific needs.


Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems and Equipment

Why choose the Aire-O2 Triton 2.0 Series?
  • Increased mixing capacity
  • Significant aeration capacity increase
  • Power consumption substantially decreased
  • Stronger, easier shaft assembly
We’ve even kept these great features of the Aire-O2 Triton® TR:
  • Fine bubble aeration with a true mix only option for BNR applications
  • Easy retrofits and maintenance: no tank draining required
  • Performs in challenging, heavy debris conditions
  • Operates for years with minimal maintenance
  • Better dispersion and directional control with no splashes or aerosols
  • Certified by 3rd party oxygen transfer test following ASCE procedure
Why choose the Aire-O2 Aspirator?
  • Trusted performance in challenging, heavy debris conditions
  • Easy to install and portable; ideal for retrofits and upgrades
  • Performance efficiency for winter months
  • No aerosols
Why choose the Tri-Oval Oxidation Ditch?
  • Simple, flexible operation with easy process control
  • Reduced power consumption with low cost of ownership
  • Minimal heat loss offers improved winter performance
  • Minimal land requirements, quiet operation, and total reliability
  • Aire-O2 Triton® Rentals available!
Why choose the Argos Sequencing Batch Reactor?
  • Reduces surcharges by municipalities for disposal
  • Reduces maintenance and energy consumption
  • Requires no balancing of flow rates
  • Eliminates recycle pumps, compressors and attendant piping associated with traditional DAF equipment
  • New complete custom designs (with skimmers and tankage) or retrofits into existing tankage