Aeration Industries, ATMOS, and BiOWiSH Technologies are excited to announce our cooperation in helping Landfill operators overcome challenges with Leachate Treatment and Odor Control.

ATMOS‘ odor and dust control, Aeration Industries’ best-in-class aeration and mixing equipment, and BiOWiSH’s industry-leading biology products are combined for effective treatment of landfill challenges including leachate and odor.

This partnership brings technology to increase activity in the natural biology that already exists to create a highly effective biological treatment of leachate… saving the end-user valuable time and money by treating leachate on-site and reducing the expense of hauling and treating leachate off-site. Any odor issues emanating from the water treatment activities or general landfill off-gas are easily treated.

The three companies recently partnered in an online live webinar … you can view that HERE.

ATMOS Technologies, formerly NCM Odor Control and Rusmar, Inc, is a world leader in Daily Cover, Odor Control, and dust mitigation solutions.  ATMOS offers full turn-key systems combining state-of-the-art, custom fabricated equipment, and environmentally friendly products to solve problematic issues regarding daily cover, odor, and dust problems.

BiOWiSH is a passionate force for global sustainability and improving the lives of all people.
Their mission is to unify nature and science to reinvent the way food is grown and water is treated.

Their advanced microbial solutions restore quality in the world’s polluted waters, safely increase crop production, and help feed the world’s growing population. Using natural products, BiOWiSH creates beneficial shifts in the microbiome, rebuilding populations of beneficial microbes and helping to change the world.

In the agriculture market, they assist farmers to sustainably increase crop production. For governments, municipalities, and water treatment professionals, they offer solutions to naturally treat waste & surface water.

Aeration Industries International understands the unpredictable nature of landfill leachate wastewater treatment due to seasonality and facility aging. They also understand how hard leachate wastewater can be on your wastewater equipment and that it is not always necessary to treat all leachate to a high standard or purity. The equipment and solutions they offer will provide the flexibility and reliability to match your operational challenges in landfill leachate wastewater treatment systems.

Aeration Industries equipment offers a robust design with stainless steel components, custom industrial motors, and other unique design characteristics to reliably perform in harsh conditions for long periods of time. The modular designs provide agility to fit any scenario. Equipment can be easily installed on walls, bridges, or floating in a lagoon, and set up to manage fluctuating water depths. With the proper design, the equipment can be optimized to respond to day-to-day needs for maximal efficiency. More equipment can be easily added to increase the capacity of the system as wastewater characteristics change over time.

For more information please Contact Us. If you like, in the description of the contact form you can put Leachate Treatment, David Bogue. David would be happy to discuss your site and how Aeration Industries or our partners can help.