With increasing demand for food resources, a more targeted focus on aquaculture is required. Join us at Aquaculture 2019 at 2nd floor booth 1211 from March 7-11, 2019, to learn about how we can provide more oxygen and mixing your aquaculture pond.

Stop by and see us at 2nd floor booth 1211.

Sim­plic­ity of Design = Low Maintenance

Most aqua­cul­ture appli­ca­tions require aer­a­tion during the night, as DO lev­els are sig­nif­i­cantly lower from the day­time lev­els (due to pho­to­syn­the­sis gains from sun­light). Imag­ine being able to sleep easy know­ing that your aer­a­tion sys­tem will make it through the night with­out any emer­gen­cies! Due to its very sim­ple design, the Series II is regarded as the indus­try work­horse in terms of its reli­a­bil­ity, dura­bil­ity, and tough­ness. These unique fea­tures of the Series II include:

  • Only One Mov­ing Part — A drive shaft con­nected to the motor shaft
  • Water Lubri­cated Bear­ing — No arti­fi­cial lubri­ca­tion necessary
  • No Gear­box
  • Total of six (6) parts
  • Above sur­face pre­mium made USA motor developed for tough environments