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Newterra Acquires Aeration Industries

Newterra Has Acquired Aeration Industries We are excited to announce that Newterra, a leader in decentralized and modular water, wastewater, and groundwater remediation solutions, has acquired Aeration Industries International.  Together, we will have more than 220 highly-trained water professionals and experience operating in over 110 countries. The combined companies will leverage shared resources to provide you with expanded […]

New Mounting System Allows for Easier and Safer Aeration System Maintenance Featured in Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine, February 2018 Edition Through conversations with plant operators and personal experience servicing aeration equipment, the Aeration Industries’ team recognized the great importance of maintenance and safety for those servicing wastewater aeration equipment. The idea to develop a […]

With increasing demand for food resources, a more targeted focus on aquaculture is required. Join us at Aquaculture 2019 at 2nd floor booth 1211 from March 7-11, 2019, to learn about how we can provide more oxygen and mixing your aquaculture pond. Stop by and see us at 2nd floor booth 1211. Sim­plic­ity of Design = Low Maintenance Most […]

Unified Wine and Grape Symposium

Learn how we can simplify your winery wastewater treatment Join us January 30-31 at the 2019 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium at booth 342. We will be featuring case studies showcasing how we have created solutions for winery wastewater treatment and how we’re knowledgeable partners to create solutions for the challenges you are facing. 4 Reasons you may want to learn […]

Join us at the International Production & Processing Expo from February 12-14 to learn how we can help improve your food processing wastewater treatment.  We will be at booth 6000 and will be featuring our aspirator, so you can see our equipment in action. You can also learn more about the Aire-O2 Triton® aerator and mixer. Here are just a few reasons you […]

Combining Surface Aeration and Diffused Aeration

  Aeration Industries International’s Aire-O2 Triton® can bring a struggling diffused aeration basin back up to optimal performance quickly by adding oxygen capacity and mixing. Benefits of combining Aire-O2 Triton Aerators and Diffused Air Systems Instant capacity (SOTR) increase without the need to interrupt production or drain the basin Increase aeration efficiency (SAE) with consistent […]