Case Studies

Triton Process Aerators Meets Future Nitrogen Permit Regulations When the a Pennsylvania Sewer Authority was researching methods to improve the dissolved oxygen levels in its wastewater treatment plant’s oxidation ditches in 2001, they decided to totally replace its aging brush rotor system. They replaced the rotors with the Aire-O2 Triton® process aeration system and saw immediately results that […]

Equipment improves process, saves energy This Florida city is a perfect blend of aging gracefully while staying at the forefront of environmental protection. When this pristine community started experiencing problems with its wastewater treatment system, they found a solution using Aire-O2 Triton® process aerators and mixers.The original municipal wastewater treatment plant was built in the 1950’s and upgraded […]

Aerator/mixer system reduces effluent discharge BOD, TSS and phosphorus A goal of many communities in planning wastewater treatment facilities is to minimize the footprint, reducing land use. To reach this goal, a Chinese municipality built their oxidation ditch to deeper parameter depths than conventional designs but experienced serious process and mechanical issues. Officials found that not all aerators […]

This Idaho Wastewater Treatment plant’s two existing single-ring oxidation ditches were facing increased flows and a new tougher phosphorus limit of less than 2.3 kg (5 lb) of total phosphorus per day. In addition to a tight budget, the small amount of land available also hampered the city’s options. The consultant’s evaluation confirmed fine-bubble aeration […]

Process control is key to maximizing wastewater treatment efficiency while minimizing operating costs. Implementing the right process control system in conjunction with the right equipment can save money on electrical costs and equipment maintenance. The wastewater plant for the city of Dawson, MN, uses a Tri-Oval® oxidation ditch from Aeration Industries for primary treatment of its wastewater. The plant […]

This wastewater treatment plant located in Texas was originally designed in 2000 but within several years, the city needed to double the treatment capacities of the facility. The wastewater treatment plant was designed with a plant capacity of 1.5 MGD utilizing a single ditch with the extended aeration activated sludge process for secondary treatment to facilitate removal […]

Pennsylvania is home to one of the first Argos® SBR plants to utilize a surface mounted process aerator/mixer, which is a significant improvement over the traditional diffused air network designs. The new layout offers substantial capital investment savings as well as significant reductions in noise, operations/maintenance, and energy consumption. The design of this SBR is based on an average daily […]

After more than a decade of searching, CILAM Dairy finds its ideal aeration system For more than 40 years, CILAM (Compagnie Laitières des Mascareignes) Dairy has been involved in the development and processing of dairy products in Reunion Island, working closely with the cooperatives. The company produces milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and a variety of juices. CILAM, located in […]

South African wastewater facility saves energy and meets nutrient removal regulations Many small communities across the U.S. and around the globe are struggling to meet more stringent nitrification of ammonia requirements on a tighter budget. When a South African community could not meet its state requirements and struggled with a failing rotor disc system, the […]

Brush Rotor Icing Problems Solved: Aerator Upgrades Help Wastewater Treatment Plant Survive Cold Vermont Winters More than two decades ago, cold Vermont winters brought a small wastewater treatment plant to a halt with brush rotor icing problems. A major upgrade that included the Aire-O2® aspirator aeration system not only ended the wintertime blues but helped the municipality gain the flexibility […]