Reliable Aeration Supports Growth and Sustainability at Pacific Reef Fishery


Pacific Reef Fisheries (PRF) has been a valued Aeration Industries International (AII) client dating back to 2003. John Moloney, General Manager of PRF and Vice President of the Australian Prawn Farmers Association, has been with PRF since 1994 and is dedicated to the sustainable growth of aquaculture.

PRF has been in the prawn business since 1994 and was granted approval in 2016 to expand their farm by 259 hectares. PRF depended on consistent, low maintenance aeration to ensure the healthy growth of their prawns, thus enabling them to focus their resources on expanding their project sustainably.

Due to strict environmental regulations in Australia, the expansion approval didn’t come easily. Sustainably sourced feed along with careful attention to water quality, helped the farm meet and exceed the strict effluent requirements. Water quality enhancement was achieved through the use of sand bed filtration and macro-algal production. These ecologically minded initiatives were vital to the success of being granted approval to grow more prawns on the pristine shores of Australia.


In order to gain expansion approval, farm managers and operators dedicated a significant portion of their time and resources towards research and development efforts. This meant that daily operations at the farm needed to be handled the most efficient way possible. One obstacle at the farm was achieving nighttime aeration, as this is the most difficult period for maintaining oxygen levels above 3–4 ppm. If aerators fail during these critical times, the whole pond is at risk of additional stress or possibly mortality, making reliable aeration of utmost importance for the production of quality prawns.


Aeration Industries International has prided itself on offering an aspirator aerator that is simple in design (comprised of only seven components and without a gearbox). Aside from a high pressure spray down after each cycle, Aire-O2® aerators have continually demonstrated their readiness for operation. The simple and easy-to-maintain nature of the Aire-O2® aerators allowed PRF operators to perform the necessary upkeep while focusing on R&D initiatives and other critical farm tasks.

Besides the benefit of minimal maintenance, John emphasized that reliability is the number one reason why PRF uses Aire-O2® aerators. No other aerator has proven to be more effective at maintaining livable nighttime oxygen levels—without breakdowns or failures. Losing even one or two aerators, especially around harvest time, can put tons of prawns at risk.


Simple and reliable aeration has been crucial to PRF’s success and development. It has not only decreased the burden of maintenance, but also ensured the security of their crop, especially during the most worrisome times. PRF has decided to include more Aire-O2®s in their ponds and future plans.


Pacific Reef Fisheries’ industry-leading practices, which include Aire-O2® aerators, have set the set bar in terms of production, innovation, and sustainability.


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