Case Studies

Sucrafor Sugar Beet Wastewater

Overview: Sucrafor, a COSUMAR Groupe sugar beet processing plant in north east (Oriental) of Morocco, North Africa, designed a wastewater treatment plant to maintain high organic loads through anaerobic, anoxic, and aerated lagoons; as they crush more than 5,000 tons of sugar beets daily. Due to the high organic loads and tightening BOD/COD standards, Aeration Industries International’s […]

Sludge Digestion

  “I love my sludge thickener, it’s amazing!” – Brad Bowers, Contract Operator Overview: Big Park Domestic Wastewater Improvements District in Arizona, USA, had constructed a new 500,000 gallons per day biological wastewater treatment system in 1997. As time passed, the aging plant was unable to keep up with increasing demands. Challenge: In 2012, the District started working […]

Supplemental Aeration to Dubai Investments Park

The Dubai Investments Park Wastewater Treatment plant in the United Arab Emirates faced challenges in their oxidation ditch due to filamentous sludge bulking, resulting in poor sludge settling in the secondary clarifier. Supplemental aeration was needed to eliminate the filamentous sludge bulking. Challenge: The oxidation ditch is treating an average of 2.64 MGD (10,000 m3/day) […]

Aeration Retrofit

Troy Alabama’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (USA) was faced with broken discs causing dropping dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in their oxidation ditch. Aeration Industries International was called to help improve DO. The plant rented a 40hp Aire-O2 Triton®.  As rotors continued to break,  an additional Triton was rented. After seeing the performance of the rental equipment, six […]

Aeration improves sludge movement

  Overview: A California (USA) vineyard was faced with the challenge of meeting wastewater treatment compliance under a tight deadline defined by local regulators, while receiving ongoing odor complaints from the community. Challenges: Extended periods of mismanagement from previous owners left the facility and the wastewater treatment system in disarray. Equipment with poor mixing capabilities and […]

The Aire-O2® Microfloat’s immediate impact was a $100/day chemical savings Problem A southern USA red meat processor’s wastewater treatment was getting more complex and expensive but still did not yield the expected results. Regulations were getting stricter and stricter as well. The processor was spending $192 USD per day on ferric chloride to promote coagulation and settling but was still […]

The 65 Aire-O2® aerators create a “flow linkage” in the gigantic 44 acre (75 MG) oxidation-like oval lagoon and operate 24 hours/day Problem This southwestern city experienced overloading problems with its huge 44-acre (75 MG) aerated lagoon. The plant serves a population of 225,000 and also treats industrial wastewater from petroleum refinery, food processing, and garment manufacturing wastes. […]

Opened in spring 2012, Gardens by the Bay features an aquatic ecosystem with sustainable water cycles Singapore government officials’ vision to become a “city in a garden” came to fruition by redeveloping Marina Bay and boldly allocating prime land and a hefty budget for that purpose. Years of construction later, the Gardens by the Bay […]