“The greatest advantage we see with the Aire-O2 Tritons, is the aeration tank does not need to be emptied in order to maintain the equipment;
saving us both time and resources and with no interruption to production.”

Improving Chemical Effluent Quality by
Combining Surface Aeration and Diffused Aeration


Daurala Organics Limited, a chemical producer in Daurala, India, has two aeration tanks that treat flows of 1800 m3/d and 980 m3/d from the manufacturing of chemicals like Benzaldehyde and Sodium Sulfate.


Daurala initially installed diffused aeration in their activated sludge basin. Overtime, they found the diffused air system was fouling and clogging, reducing efficiency in the plant.

Daurala also required equipment that needed little maintenance and no loss of efficiency overtime from the chemical environment, so they could continue producing and treating the chemical wastewater.


Daurala Organics partnered with Eurotek Environmental PVT. LTD. to design a solution that met their specific needs. In order to reduce fouling and clogging in the diffused air system and improve overall treatment efficiency, two Aire-O2 Triton® TR Series aerators/mixers were placed in each tank.


With the Aire-O2 Tritons installed, Daurala is seeing their effluent quality return.  Additional benefits from the use of the Aire-O2 Tritons have been observed by Daurala since installation:

    • High oxygen transfer rate and mixing at low power
    • Low maintenance
    • No downtime while maintaining equipment
    • Consistent aeration that does not foul or clog


With the Aire-O2 Tritons installed at the surface and the diffuser system at the bottom of the tanks, Daurala is seeing improved effluent quality. They are also seeing significant resource savings; as the Aire-O2 Tritons are durable in this chemical environment, require little maintenance, and downtime is no longer a concern.

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