Aeration Retrofit

Troy Alabama’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (USA) was faced with broken discs causing dropping dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in their oxidation ditch. Aeration Industries International was called to help improve DO. The plant rented a 40hp Aire-O2 Triton®.  As rotors continued to break,  an additional Triton was rented. After seeing the performance of the rental equipment, six additional Tritons were retrofitted over time. As of summer 2016, Aeration Industries’ equipment is the only aeration equipment running in the plant and DO levels have increased significantly with the Aire-O2 Tritons® in operation. The blowers are now connected to the SCADA system that adjusts their speed as dictated by oxygen levels to help lower energy consumption.

With the highest ever DO levels seen in the plant, Dave Fiveash and the city are happy with the retrofit results. Fiveash says, “I like the versatility and simplicity of the equipment. The ability to mix and aerate or just mix, is a big thing for us.” The plant is also experiencing energy cost savings with the aerators vs the brush rotors; a great outcome for all.

Seeking a retrofit option for you plant? We can help!

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