Aeration and Mixing for Lakes


Hussain Sagar Lake in India faced an inflow of untreated waste and pollution causing decreasing DO levels and foul odors in the nearby community. An even more critical threat was eutrophication, or an excessive number of nutrients in the body of water, choking out the natural aquatic life.

Given the lake is stagnate, circulation and the distribution of efficient aeration was needed to alleviate these issues.


Hussain Sagar Lake is located in a recreational area with many visitors. The lake does not have a constant flow in or out, thus is still much of the time, so it was important to find a solution that allowed the ability to provide aeration and mixing in sections throughout the lake to support sludge digestion and mixing of the polluted water. The lake is also confronted with heavy currents and high winds during the rainy season, so the solution required reliable performance in these varying conditions.


Aeration Industries® International has provided successful water restoration to large scale waterways from the Olympic Games to small golf course ponds around the world. Eurotek Environmental Pvt. Ltd. has hands-on experience and an understanding of the needs of the lake cleanup and began the engineering process of developing a barge with aeration equipment set upon it. A pilot test proved successful and the next step was to begin the lake restoration.

The challenge was making the barge robust and able to hold six 10hp Aire-O2 Tritons® and two diesel generators. The barge cleans one section of the lake at a time while being maneuvered to the next location by a 75hp OBM engine. The aeration and mixing breaks down the pollution and sludge within the lake, reviving aquatic life thereafter.


Since the barge unit has been in operation providing aeration and mixing, the waste and pollution have begun to dissipate. The DO levels and water color have improved, odor and turbidity has decreased, and fish quantity has increased. The barge operates from 9am-5pm every day and continued improvements are seen as the equipment continues to treat the water.


This project has had a large impact on the lake’s ecosystem and has brought the fish population back to life. The aesthetic value for the community has also improved with the reduction of odor, improved water color, and the plants surrounding the lake have been brought back to life.

The Eurotek and Aeration Industries teams found great value working on this project that improved the life of the community and the lake’s ecosystem and were honored with The World Water Leadership Congress’ Lake/River Aeration Systems Award for their work.

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