The Aire-O2® Halo: Designed for Long Life and Maximum Efficiency Designed to maximize the two most important functions of any aeration device - oxygen transfer
and mixing.
The Aire-O2 Triton® 2.0 Aerator/Mixer Your ultimate solution to high-efficiency aeration and mixing Rental Aeration for Emergency Situations Rental aeration ships in as little as 24 hours for emergency and
supplemental aeration needs. Simple to install. Easy to maintain.
Industrial Wastewater Solutions Reuse your existing infrastructure and save
on capital expenses with our custom solutions.
The Aire-O2® Series II for
Optimal Aquaculture Pond Performance
Maintain healthier ponds, increase stocking densities, and
generate higher yields with optimal oxygen transfer.



See the Aire-O2 Triton 2.0 in operation.

Visit the Aire-O2 product page to view the full-length video and find out more about this exceptional aerator/mixer.